Et Al featured in CODE Magazine

Recently our lightweight suit pants 'Joe' was featured in the spring/summer issue of the trendsetting Dutch fashion magazine CODE. 

Since 2005, CODE have mediated fashion to the Dutch men. Twice a year CODE is released and distributed in book stores, fashion shops and in other cool places around the country. CODE are focusing on a authentic and versatile style. The magazine portrays subcultures and individuals and uses always 'real people' with an interesting story to tell as models. 

Meet Mr. Boj Van den Berg, the initiator of Urban Greeners. In a Dutch city he and other pioneers are building a self-contained neighborhood that generates it's own energy, produces it's own building materials and food. 
What Boj and the other pioneers are trying to do, is to create a complete self-sustainable urban neighborhood that will inspire the whole world to be greener. 

For sure, Mr. Boj Van den Berg is a game changer, and we are proud to see him wearing our suit pants. 

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