Meet Martin Vestphael: Owner of Wardrobe 19

The Copenhagen-based store Wardrobe 19 is undoubtedly one of the finest in Denmark. 
Wardrobe 19 gives their take on the modern man's wardrobe by honouring and redefining solid and timeless menswear, creating a more contemporary context with an inquisitive eye for hidden details and modified fits.
Wardrobe 19 not only redefines classic menswear, but also old furniture and knick-knack as expressed throughout
the furnishing. This adds new functions for old pipes turning them into hooks, using walking sticks as racks, and chairs hanging on the walls as if the seats were shelves. 

We have talked with owner of Wardrobe 19, Martin Vestphael. It's all about E T  A L, Copenhagen treasures and the infamous store. 

How would you characterize Et Al Design in three words?
- Comfortable
- Innovative
- Versatile

How did you decide to sell Et Al Design?
I was repeatedly encountering one of the owners, Alexander, who was always happy and smiling.
Alexander repeatedly expressed his desire to have Et al Design products in the shop, which we after some time decided to try.
It soon proved to be a very positive cooperation.

How did it go with Et Al Design?
The shoes actually immediately became a success, and sales still steadily grow in a positive upward curve with weekly additions.
I think that the success lies in the fact that Et Al manages to crack the code on a comfortable sneaker, which are dress shoes enough to use at work, and suit as well with shorts and Hawaiian shirt.

What are your plans for the future?
The concept of Wardrobe 19 is developing rapidly and we are currently working on many projects: our own fashion label, a new short film, web development and exclusive new collaborations with various brands we sell in the store. Everything is expected to be launched in autumn.

If you had only 20 € in your pocket and had to plan the best night out in Copenhagen, what would you do?
I would probably go to “Papirøen” with a 6-pack of beers, enjoy the sun and possibly get something to eat. Afterward would go to “FLOSS “ where you can get 2 beers for 4 € , hear some great tall tales and play dice games.

How does your store stand out from other stores in Copenhagen?
We use a lot of energy to create a unique universe around Wardrobe 19 to define our own context for the various brands we sell. The identity of Wardrobe 19 is constituted by both product range, and also the store’s unique product exposure, including furnishing and atmosphere.
We also differentiate ourselves on the web and social media by developing our own graphic identity, which must be recognizable so customers do not have any doubts about who the sender is.

What is the biggest source of inspiration to Wardrobe 19?
Surrealism is a distortion of some mostly classical elements we all know, just seen from a different perspective. It reminds us to recycle classic well-produced goods with a “ twist” in the form of a detail, or to assemble products in a new atypical combination – all that creates our identity.

How do you relax when you are not in the shop?
It sounds a little sad but mostly by creating, in terms of producing images and graphics. But of course I also like to put work completely away and just enjoy a good dinner and movies with my girlfriend.

What is the most undervalued spot in Copenhagen?
It may sound like a cliché when I say “ Pisserenden “, which is where Wardrobe 19 is, but I just often encounter people who have heard about the area, but never visited it.
Pisserenden is great because it is a place where time stands still, where everyone knows everybody, diversity is wide and it has everything from cool vintage shops, cafes, bars, tattoo shops, mouth painters to fashion boutiques!

The shop is located at: Larsbjørnsstræde 19 st. th, 1454, København K



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