Meet Nima Zamani: A life full of contrasts

We are always inspired by people with different backgrounds and interesting stories to tell. Therefore, we have teamed up with Nima Zamani who is one of the most authentic and cool guys that we know. First and foremost his look is distinctive, controversial and super cool. He has trenchant views on the society, and then he lives a life full of contrasts. 
We talked with Nima about his many occupations, his view on E T  A L and his creative and alternative ideas to experience Copenhagen. 

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Describe E T  A L with three words?
>> Simplicity, Slim & Stylish <<.

Tell us about the contrasted life you live
>> I do several things that sticks in many different directions. I am studying law focusing on criminal law. I am a freelancer on Radio24syv, and a blogger on Ekstra (Danish Newspaper). On EB I am writing about culture clashes and the society in general. Further more I am a social worker in Nordvest in Copenhagen. As a social worker I am helping social marginalised Iranians and Afghans to get a job. Besides my Danish, I speak fluently Farsi, which is a huge advantage in this kind of job. 

It can be challenging to adapt constantly from one job to another. But hey, I'm young and the permanent job can wait. There is so much fun associated with all these different types of jobs. You need to do what I do while you still have the energy and not have liabilities in form of children - when that's said, I really want kids at some point.<<

If you had only 20 € in your pocket and had to plan the best night out in Copenhagen, what would you do?
>> First of all I would buy a package of cigarettes and go to a pub where I would spend the rest of my 20 € on bottles of beer. Afterwards I would absolutely start crying. Copenhagen is such an expensive city to plan a night in.

Conversely, a good night in Copenhagen can also include lots of candy and girls. That can really replace a party in the city. At the same time you will avoid hangovers. Haha. <<

What is the most undervalued spot in your hometown Copenhagen?
>> The central station, for sure. It sounds wierd, I know. But it's really not. It's a hotchpotch of lots of things. At the central station you can buy the infamous Big Mac for only 30 DKK. You see refugees who have just arrived in DK to build af whole new life. You see lovers who are enormously excited to finally see each other again. 
Well, I know that the central station isn't a suitable place to hang out, but it's really a cool place to visit frequently. And further more you can see the news on the big screen inside the central station while eating your Big Mac. <<

 Photos by Simon Lau


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