Meet Mads Bøje: He Revives PH - As Furnitures

Most people associate undoubtedly PH - or Poul Henningsen -  with lamps. But the danish designer was so much more than that. Actually he created furniture as well. And now his designs are brought to life again. 
We teamed up with Mads Bøje to talk about the project, 'cause we simply love great danish furniture design. 

Why Poul Henningsen furniture?

Because it is the biggest opportunity in my life and I'm addicted to Danish design. Also, because it’s probably one of the biggest names in Danish and international design scenes, and I'm proud to be representing it.

How did you find the old Poul Henningsen’s drawings, can you tell us
the story?
I had first seen some pictures in a book about Poul Henningsen. After that, I got access to the old archives where all the drawings were.

What do you think characterizes the Danish furniture design currently?
The classic craftsmanship with modern technology and the high quality with timeless design.

What is the goal for PH Furniture?
To be one of the leading Danish furniture companies in the next 3-5 years.

What is your favorite spot in Copenhagen?
The Union Kitchen and Beau Marche.

If you had only 20 € in your pocket and needed to plan the best night
out in Copenhagen, what would you do?
There are two options:

1. I would call my best friend Kasper Heibøll - he always pays for me (if you ask him) and he's definitely my funniest friend.
2. I would buy a bottle of tequila, mixer for it and get my good friend Andrea Glad to drink half of it. Then I'm sure that I would get the funniest and craziest night- she is a party animal!

What is your favorite restaurant?
Restaurants Pasfall (Odense) and Damindra (Copenhagen).

What do you do, when you are not at work?
I try to spend some time with friends and play football.

What is your biggest inspiration?
People who get knocked down by an accident, but they still stand... My friend Jonathan Richter is a big inspiration, without even knowing it.

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